John Childers

Dear Entrepreneur,

Just how far do you want to go in your business?

That may sound like a silly question. But in my 20+ years of teaching wealth principles, I’ve discovered people have many reasons to learn about becoming successful.

Some just want to know how to make a few extra hundred dollars a month so they can enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Others want to buy a couple of investment properties to secure a modest supplemental income in their retirement years.
Still others, sadly, attend classes and buy books but never do anything. It’s their way of not feeling powerless.

All of these are real reasons. And I’m happy to teach them the basics that satisfy their needs.

But the people I really want to hang out with – to take under my wing and coach to success – are the ones with big ideas. Wild expectations that are so grandiose, they don’t dare mention them even to a spouse or friend.

Are you one of these ‘on fire’ people?

  • Do you feel like you are “almost there”… you can almost taste it… and just need some help and advice along the way?
  • Do you find yourself thinking and rethinking new ideas to see how they could work?
  • Has your ‘water cooler’ talk at work turned to real estate deals, stock market trends or new internet marketing strategies?
  • Is it crystal clear to you that you’d rather spend money on a new investment than get a new truck or SUV?
  • Does your spouse or best friend think you’re obsessed?

If you are obsessed to be a wildly successful entrepreneur
and want to make ridiculous amounts of money,
I’ve got great news for you!

If you’re reading this page, it’s because you heard of me in some way. Maybe you’ve been trained by me at a seminar, you’ve heard me on a teleclass or you’ve read some of my training materials.

In case you just accidentally stumbled upon this page, let me introduce myself really quick.

Sunset in Phuket, Thailand

Travel the world and use the airport club facilities

I’ve spent many solitary moments in my travels.

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